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March 30, 2014

U F–oh
UF–oh well

Pilllows and Swoon
Just sitting on my sofa (these are my colors, gold, red, black), and the dialog begins…

Angel: Letty’ you’ve got such beautiful projects in your sewing room that are nearly done. Quite a few completed tops that only need basting and quilting… wouldn’t you feel great about finishing some of those up? After all, finishing things seems to be the zeitgeist of this year’s quilt blogosphere.

Devil: Forget that, did you see the new fabric lines in the Hancock’s of Paducah catalog? How about you go pick some fabrics out – you deserve it!

Angel: You know, you’ve got so much stash fabric, let’s go on in there and pull a gorgeous color way for the Triangle QAL that The Sassy Quilter is hosting. That would be fun right?

Devil: You’re supposed to have 1/3 yard cuts for that. You don’t have any of those – oh sure you have 6000 fat quarters that you could get the triangles out if, but what fun is that?

Angel: hmmm… right, there are no 1/3 yard cuts, that’s true…
Letty: Okay Angel, I’m going to go take a look at the ‘ol stash and see what speaks to me…

Stash1 Stash2 Stash3 Stash4 Stash5 Stashmess

Hmmm… stay tuned for UF-No part two to see if my stash actually does speak to me.  The pics above are only my small pieces, fat quarters, etc.  I have a whole closet full of larger yardage just in case anyone thinks this is all I have to choose from. :)

May your spool be endless.



Sending All My Love

February 8, 2014

Vday pillow2 Vday pillow3 Vday pillow4 Vday pillow5 Vday pillow6This paper-pieced envelope pattern comes from Ayumi Takahashi’s Patchwork Please.  It’s such a fun book, with many, many projects I’d like to create.  Her You’ve Got Mail wall hanging is on my to-do list, but I wanted to send off a Valentine to one of my daughters, and I had to get it together!

So Today I made this linen and cotton pillow.  The envelope section is a pocket, so she and her husband could use it to tuck love-notes to each other.  I put in an always loved Starbucks card.

I might hate paper-piecing a tiny bit less…

May your spools be endless!


Don’t You Have Enough Quilts Already?

January 20, 2014
First finish of 2014

As a fairly prolific quilter, I’m asked regularly “Don’t you have enough quilts already!?”.  The answer is “yes”, but what has that got to do with it?  Quilting is my art.  No one would ever ask a painter if they had didn’t already have enough paintings, or a potter if they hadn’t already created enough pots, or a sculptor if they hadn’t already created quite a few pieces.  There is something about quilting and the product of the art form, (and I think it is because they’re so very practical unlike most art) that evokes this question from people.

Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt

Well folks, this is my art, and probably while I’m alive – God willing – I’ll be creating quilts, quilts, and more quilts!  Thankfully my sweet husband is hugely supportive.  He suggested years ago that I buy a Bernina since I needed good equipment, and last night, as I was putting the last few stitches on the binding of this quilt, he wanted to know what my next quilt project would be.

I’ve said it before, but quilting is the one craft that I’ve found where I love every aspect along the way (okay, perhaps not the pin basting), and then love love love the product that I get at the end.

I’ve got a lot more quilts in me, can’t wait to get started on the next one!

May your spool be endless,


Very Green

January 10, 2014

I couldn’t run to my sewing machine fast enough when I found this darling pattern for reusable produce bags.  The pattern is free here.  Thank you Daisy Janie!  It only takes a fat quarter to make one.  I pulled three fat quarters that I had bought recently from Connecting Threads and made three cute bags as fast as anything. Produce Bags 2

You can imagine I had fun just looking at them in my cart as I strolled through the store.  When I got to the checkout, my checker complimented me, asked if I made them, and then really wanted to know where I got the pattern!  Hee hee.

My Jane Market Bag and produce bags go so well together too, don’t you think?  Jane and Produce BagsI am going to remember these for a quick hostess gift.

May your spool be endless!


Me Too Me Too!

January 4, 2014

Me Too, Me Too!

Last year all the buzz in the quilt world seemed to be about using up our scraps.  We had so many fantastic posts with scrap-busting patterns and ideas.  Yay I made a few!  Just finished one as a mystery quilt that was hosted by Merry Mayhem on New Year’s Day.  It was fun, but I must say I missed the old way she used to have a chat room so you could check in with others quilting along at the same time. DSC_0019 Merry Mayhem Arrangement Merry Mayhem Top Done Merry Mayhem Top

I love my little quilt, but it is little.  I will almost certainly add a border or two.  I was going for a low volume look, and I used fabrics from my stash that I’ve had for some time.

This year the buzz may well be to finish up some projects.  I’m linking up to a group that is doing just that here: A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Thanks to Blue Ridge Girl for her post cluing me in!

The goal is 1 UFO (unfinished object) to be finished each month.  I can do that.  How about you?

May your spool be endless,


Ready For the Mystery

December 28, 2013

I’m all prepped for New Year’s Day, are you?

Merry Mayhem NYD 2013. Step 1 Done

Merry Mayhem Mystery 2013 Fabrics

Merry Mayhem Mystery 2013 cut

Merry Mayhem Mystery 2013 hst

This mystery is called an Oldie but a Goody.  Isn’t that fun?  Like the Facebook Page to play along too.

May your spool be endless,


Foxy Wallets

December 20, 2013

Foxy Wallet

Today I made two of these wallets.  I think they’ll be great for organizing coupons, and change in the car.  The pattern is from Connecting Threads.  It is sold with 4 fat quarters in a kit for an unbelievably low price.  I put away the fabric that came in the kit and used some of my own.

Fixt Wallet Inside ??????????

Usually when I make up a new pattern there is a lot of room for error – and this was no exception.  I did a ton of unsewing-grrrr. It was mostly my fault, but I have to say, I didn’t like the way this pattern was written or constructed for the most part.  Still, the end result is pretty cute, and really will be quite handy.  I made one to give away, and the other to keep.

Can you tell I’m feeling Christmasy?  Look at the stash I also ordered from Connecting Threads.  Most of these are so sweet – I love it!  The very top left fabric is from my stash.  Not sure what I should do with these fat quarters, but I’m totally enjoying just looking at them all together.??????????

I won’t say who the wallet is for just in case she sees this.

Merry Christmas All, and thanks again for the lovely support you showed me with recent voting.

May your spool be endless,



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