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July 31, 2012

Where to begin?!  I’ve been sewing up a storm and travelling like mad.  My fun summer activity began with an all-day class with Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill.  It was so fun.  Just look at the gorgeous basket of goodies that each one of us found as we entered!

The next day I was off…

I flew down and met my hubby in SF where he had business for a week.  We saw all my family and many friends.  Then we went on up to Bodega Bay for a few days.  We love the Inn at the Tides where we had a little deck off our room and took some local cheese, wine, and bread for picnics – nothing nicer.  You can’t believe the number of birds we saw, and the weather was lovely. Yes, this is where they filmed the birds, but no, we were not at all spooked 🙂

Then we were off to Carmel by the Sea for lunch.  We drove a famous beautiful route called 17 Mile Drive.  We wanted to stay a night there, but we had to be in Palm Springs the next day, so it was just too to go if we didn’t push on.  We ended up in a funny town called Buellton where they have a place famous for making split pea soup.  Of course we had a bowl!

The next day we were off to Palm Springs.  It was 112 degrees Fahrenheit – very hot for those of us used to Seattle weather.  It was great to our friends.  Their house is just not to be believed.  It has won awards for design and was just beautiful. It’s up on the side of the mountain overlooking the valley.  The guest room was a whole separate fancy apartment.   We arrived mid-afternoon, had dinner with them and then took off again fairly early the next day.  It was just too hot for me to want to stay, so we then drove off in the direction of San Diego.

Our plan for the trip was to be as free as possible so that we could allow for serendipity, and that is exactly what we got next.  Just through some silly traffic and other driving choices we ended up in San Juan Capistrano.  There is an early mission there that we toured and it was so lovely!  We always like to visit a church, pray, and light candles while we’re on holiday, and this was a beautiful place to do that. 

The next day we went to Los Angeles.  My best and oldest friend and her husband live there and we stayed 2 nights with them.  Then off to Las Vegas (my first time there).  Our LA friends joined us after a day.  I had a symposium that I had to attend for work during the next three days, but in the evenings we all went out together.  The last night we were there we saw a show that beyond all my expectations.  It was a Cirque du Soliel called Ka. Our friend got us free tickets that would have cost the four of us over $600 dollars!  After seeing the show I didn’t even wonder that it would cost that much.  It was indescribable… fantasy, gigantic scale sets; I’m sure it has spoiled me for any other show forever.

We were back in LA for a night together- then hubby left the next morning and BFF and I attended the Long Beach International Quilt Show.  It was, well, the Ka of Quilt Shows!  Huge, wonderful quilts to see and great vendors.  We were able to meet some famous quilting personalities and just had a blast.  Sunday, my last day in Las Angeles, we were quite leisurely.  I was tired and my flight wasn’t until late.  It meant I got home very late, but the house was clean and all was well.I’m catching up on a lot of things, and sorting through my fun travel purchases.  I don’t usually write this much, but there was a lot to say!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. August 1, 2012 9:54 am

    Letty, your pictures are all gorgeous, and it sounds like it couldn’t have been better planned to mesh with your business obligations. The Crabapple Hill workshop must have been such fun…I love their patterns! So nice you got to meet Eleanor Burns, too! Thank you for sharing your fabulous vacation….what a lovely summer break 🙂

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