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Sweet Hopes

January 23, 2015

ModaChallengeLogo1Did you hear that EQ7 is hosting a block design contest to feature the Fresh Cut line by Basic Grey?  It’s wonderful fabric, and put me in mind of the Necco Wafers we all loved as kids.

Don’t you think these have a related feel!?


Here is my block:

Necco Wafer Block - by Lettyb

And here is the Necco Wafer Quilt I envision:

Necco Wafer Quilt

I’m excited to have had a bit of design inspiration.  I’m still knitting more than sewing – but who knows, this may just get me into the swing of things again?

Wish me luck.  I’ll enter my block on the 30th of this month, and a winner will be chosen soon after.

May your spool be endless,


The New Normal

December 17, 2014

Chirstmas BaublesThis will be my second Christmas without my mom. Having no mom is my new normal. I’m adjusting, but it isn’t the same. Most of the worst of my grief seems to be behind me (other than the stabbing, out-of-the-blue stuff that does come occasionally). So, I’m noticing how things are different, and I’m trying to be kind to myself.

One way I’m doing that is by lessening the self-imposed ‘have to’s’. There are many Christmassy things I still want to do, bake cookies, decorate, etc. But there are others I don’t. It’s all in my head really. So I’m doing what I like! It feels like a kindness.

I’D'Arcy on the Beddinsm sewing less, and knitting by the fire more. That’s soothing and cozy. Speaking of suddenly doing what she wants – my dog D’Arcy, whom we’ve had for over 12 years has suddenly taken on a whole new persona. She has stopped complying with the house rules quite a lot! Here she is, completely unauthorized on my bed! This really never would have happened before. We rescued her at age 3 to 5 years (yes, she really is that old), and she’s been the most obedient dog ever – uh… until now. I’m thinking this is the dog equivalent of the Red Hat society!

What do I feel like doing? Taking photos. This wasSt George's Church Icon one I did for #theidearoom Photo of the Day. The word theme was Blessing.

Knitting Knitting, and just being a bit quiet are right up there too.

YarnHere is to being kind to ourselves, and doing what we like! Merry Christmas, and a very happy and blessed New Year.


A Quilty Finish

November 15, 2014

Postcard Quilt WholeDebbie at A Quilter’s Table nudged, those of us who participated in the Postcard QAL, ever so politely, to link up for a finish. I’m so glad she did as it was the very thing I needed to give this fun little quilt project priority. Today I pin-basted, free motion quilted, then bound this little quilt. It was fun, and so nice to have a quilty finish!

Postcard Quilt Corner Postcard Quilt Fox Postcard Quilt Squirrell

Check out her blog on Monday to see other quilts in this QAL in a linkup!

I’ve been busy and creative lately, but haven’t done very much quilting. Hence my lull here. Did you want to see my other pursuits? You tell me. Here are some recent photos I’ve taken.

Taneum Creek RoadCopse Taneum Creek RoadHorses Taneum Creek RoadLeaves at Water's Edge curve

I’ve been knitting.


I’ve been cooking, and doing all sorts. Oh, and yes, I do have a big ‘ol day job, so I don’t do a ton of sitting around, but I’ve never known if I should share my other creative activities on what is clearly a blog about quilting. So here you are, a bit of both.

Thanks for stopping by, and may your spool be endless!


Bugs and Bags

September 21, 2014

Tomorrow I’m back at work after a lovely, long summer of sewing and relaxation. My husband says that in the summer I turn into a ‘one woman sweatshop’! I guess it’s true because I just love to make things. I go into my sewing room, put on the Netflix (I’m watching Last Tango in Halifax right now), and I’m in my happy place.

I’ve made a ton of bags this summer, finally finishing up one I am totally excited about. It’s the Everything in its Place bag by Annie which was from the same Craftsy Class called Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers that I took and made my travel organizer bag in. Her instructions are wonderful, but of course some of it was a bit challenging.

Here are photos of my finish. I’ve already piled it full of tidbits that I need for a Sue Spargo pincushion class I’m taking at a local quilt shop, with two of three of my best, lovely stitchy friends, Janet and Anita.

Everything Bagmesh pocket Everything Bagsmaller pockets Everything Bagvinyl pockets Everything Bagmesh zip pocket Everything Bagproject pouch Everything BagSode Everything BagOutside_1

In keeping with my sweatshop fever, I saw something I’d never seen before just this morning. It’s a German fad called a Leseknochen (which I am daringly translating as neck pillow). I found a template and tutorial here on Sew4Home, and whipped on up immediately! I put some fusible fleece in mine because I’m a bit princess and the pea about lumps, but none of the tutorials I saw did…

20140921_093708 20140921_093607

Unless I find something I MUST sew this afternoon or evening, I believe that concludes my summer of sewing. Bugs? Well I don’t want to horrify my regular readers with all the pics I’ve taken this summer, but if you want to see what I’m talking about you can check out my flickr pages for spiders. Let’s just say I have had my absolute fill of bugs, even though I know I still have a few bags on my to do list! Next one will likely be the Beetle Bag. My other lovely, stitchy friend Inger and I are going to team up on this I think.

May your spool be endless!


P.S. I love comments, and always answer them via individual email :)

Farmy Quilt Show

August 26, 2014

Buggy Barn Quilt Show_11aSaturday I had the happy experience of going to the Buggy Barn outdoor quilt show in Reardan, Washington. Amidst the difficulties, sorrows, and concerns of real life, a trip to this show is like a tonic. It was colorful and wonderful in all ways. My girlfriend Inger and I snapped dozens of photos for future reference, and made some fun basket (and need I say fabric) purchases.

Favorite quilt? This one, with amazing wool applique.Buggy Barn Quilt Show_21

Buggy Barn Quilt Show_22

Second runner up for fabulous was this one. Don’t you just love the label!?


Buggy Barn Quilt Show_19 Buggy Barn Quilt Show_18The only thing that didn’t go right was the plan to meet up with my Flickr pal Moni. Guess my phone coverage was less than adequate there. A shame, but we’ll try again.

Buggy Barn Quilt Show_25 Buggy Barn Quilt Show_23

The drive to and from this show was beautiful too. In case you haven’t noticed on my Flickr site, I’m in love with Washington State.

4Elk Heights_4 8a 9Dry Falls_9 91Dry FallsI think this may be my favorite show of all just because of the setting. You should go next time if you can!

You can see more pictures of the quilt show in my video here:

May your spool be endless,


Quilty Travelling Plans

August 16, 2014

Sew Sturdy Travel OrganizerYay, I have somewhere to go!  I’m off next weekend to the Buggy Barn Quilt Show in Reardan Washington.  Today I finished my Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer, so I’ll be going in style!  Can I just say how much I LOVE Craftsy!

Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer_5 Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer_4 Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer_3  Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer_2

Sew Sturdy Travel Organizer_1

Meet me at the show!  May your spool be endless,


Tinker Tote Confessions

August 2, 2014

Tinker Tote Bag_1Okay, well no one is going to accuse me of being prideful today.  I’m going to tell you the embarrassing truth about my Tinker Tote.  Yes, it came out cute, and I actually love it, but it isn’t supposed to be that shape at all.  I printed up the pattern which was VERY clearly marked with a fold line on one side, and when making the bag I put the fold on the other side!  Then I made my lining with the fold where it was supposed to be.  Now I have a finished bag and a finished lining that don’t fit together at all.  I was scratching my head and got so frustrated I had to walk away for a minute.  When I calmed down I finally tweaked to what had happened.  The outer bag looked so good I didn’t even notice that it was high in the middle and low on the outsides.  That’s not right! Google Tinker Tote and see all the zillions of pictures from people who did it right!

The lining was correct, low in the middle and high on the outsides.  No wonder they didn’t fit together!  Okay – so the obvious solution, since I’d already put on my hand painted linen flap, and used all my favorite fabric scraps, was to make another lining the wrong way – copying the mistake I’d made with the outer bag.  I did this.  It gave me an opportunity to use Tara Rebman’s (who does a marvelous job as the Craftsy instructor and pattern designer.  Don’t let my silliness lead you to any other conclusion!) method of putting in a zippered pocket a second time.  What a pleasure that is.  I got the class for $19 on sale, and that method alone was well worth the price!

I do love it, but I’m making another the correct way – except I have printed the pattern out at 70% so it will be a lot smaller, and I’ll leave out the stiff stuff.  So there you go – I’m a “dork burger” as my sisters called me, but I did still managed to get a pretty darned cute bag out of the process!

May your spool be endless,




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